Getting music from the Ipod isn’t exactly easy, since Apple doesn’t like you to do it, but there are services and software that allows you to do it easily. One such tool is SharePod, a freeware tool which allows you to copy music and files from the iPod and place it on a hard drive. By using SharePod, you can both restore and make backups of movies, songs and pictures you have stored on an iPod. You can also choose to transfer album art, ratings and playlists to the hard drive and to iTunes.


This service comes with a number of features which can’t be found at its competitors. Besides the transfer of files, SharePod also allows you to do basic editing work on your files. For example, you can edit the tags, delete files, playlists and art from the iPod, or you can copy them from the computer to the media player without using the official iTunes software. As you copy the files, you can pick the architecture of the folder, either by customization or by picking a preset one from the three defaults. Another important feature is the backup of the database, allowing you to fix things if something goes wrong during the process of transfer.


The SharePod software is in an archive file that has just a couple of MB’s, sufficiently small that it can be carried on the iPod wherever you go. This small piece of software works very well, transferring thousands of files during our tests and letting us know whenever a file didn’t copy successfully.


When the application is open, you will first see a interface that is simple and clean, easy for any user that might want to use it. You will also see a number of large icons which tell you what they do and they are very easy to understand.



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