Best iPod Apps

If you have an iPod or iPhone or ever used one, then you must know how trendy, not to mention useful iPod apps are.

iPod apps can be acquired either for free or for a price. The paid apps don’t usually cost much, their prices being somewhere between $0.99 and $2.99. Still, there are also expensive apps, like the one costing $900, but very few people pay that much money for an application.

Free apps are surely the most convenient. Generally free of charge products are not expected to be of high quality, but the iPod apps that can be found for free actually work very well and are also very useful. The apps world is expanding and there are more and more new ones popping up every day.

Some of the most looked for applications are the game category apps such as Tap Birds, Farm Story Summer, Build-a-lot, Ninjas Live and South Park Mega Millionaire. Games are always in demand, therefore games apps are among the most looked for.

Another popular app is the iBooks which allows for books to be downloaded on the iPod and also read.

Needless to mention, Facebook is one of the most downloaded free iPod app, together with Twitter and Farmville. The younger users are the most numerous consumers for such social networking apps.

There are also some utilities apps which became quite popular, like Convert Units, Mirror Face, PDF Reader Lite, WallPapers or the Bluetooth Photo Share.

The productivity category of iPod apps is lead by Best Alarm Clock, followed by the How to Tie the Tie one, Use Your Handwriting, the Mini Opera Web Browser and the translation app 53 Languages.

The good news is that the popular Skype, so much used as communication tool on PCs can now be used also on the iPod. The Skype application allows you to open multiple conversation windows and it can be easily used.

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