iPod Music Transfer

If you’re looking to transfer music from your PC to an iPod, you shouldn’t worry too much, as it’s relatively easy to do and to learn. There are a number of different methods one can use to get the music from the PC to the iPod and you can read about them below.


Before getting the music on your iPod, you need to get your songs in the iTunes library, by importing music files like MP3’s, CD’s or any music you might’ve bought from the music store of iTunes.


After you got the songs in the library, you need to connect the media player to your computer, after which the iTunes software will get the music from the computer to the iPod. As you import new songs into the iTunes software, they will also be uploaded to your iPod. All you need to do is connect the iPod to the computer and it will update itself.


If you have more songs on the computer than space on the iPod, the software will either select songs at random or you can select which ones you want copied on your iPod.


One other option is to make the iPod look like a hard drive on your computer, so you can just drag any songs directly to the iPod drive. While you will not be able to play music that was copied this way, you can copy any kind of files on the iPod with this method, so you can use it to backup and transport files.


iPod to iPod


One method of transferring songs from an iPod to another is to use specialized software which allows for this to happen. Flool and ipod2ipod are two examples of software that allows you transfer files from an iPod to another iPod, by using the computer as an intermediary, something that isn’t possible otherwise.


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