iPod to iPod

Those who use an iPod may have found themselves at least once in the situation of transferring music from or to another iPod. Although at a first look it may seem impossible, the good news is that it can be done. There are special devices which serve this purpose.

First Way:

It is the most popular way that people use to transfer music between iPods. It doesn’t imply direct transfer, but the use of a computer. If you already have the music on your computer, in mp3 format, you can archive it and send it via email. From the email you can download it on the other iPod.

Second Way:

This other method is a little more complex. It involves installing on the iPod the iPod2iPod software, which can be found on the internet. Once you have downloaded it on the iPod, you can start using it. The music is transferred from one iPod to the computer through this software and then again from the computer to the other iPod. The steps are easy to follow, what is more complicated is the use of the software.

Third way:

This third way of transferring music between two iPods requires a special gadget, the miShare. The first reaction to this new solution might be of rejecting it as nobody wants to pay extra, when not even music is paid for to get it on the iPod. Before making this decision automatically, you should know that this little gadget simplifies things very much. You just need to connect your iPod and the other iPod to the miShare and just press one single button. That’s all. The music, videos, images that you have on the iPod are transferred to the other iPod with the least effort possible and in no time. You won’t have to deal with complicated software or archive upload and download.

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