iPod to PC

A lot of people use iPod media players extensively and keep on them songs, movies, playlists, photos and so on. Obviously, all this information is important and the iPod can act as a backup. If you lose information from your hard drive and you want to recuperate it from the iPod, the options offered by Apple for this kind of transfer between iPod and computer don’t really exist. To transfer something from the iPod to the computer you need software written by other parties, since Apple utilities that do this don’t exist.


Since iTunes can’t be used to transfer files, because Apple is afraid of breaching copyright laws, you need to find other methods to use when you want to get files that are on your iPod and transfer them to a PC.


Getting movies, photos or songs from the iPod to a computer or to another iPod is possible, as long as you use third party software that was especially designed for this purpose. Since software designers can see when there is a huge need for something, there are many free programs which allow for this transfer, working just like iTunes does, but doing it from iPod to computer as well.


One piece of software that proved quite useful for transfers between iPod’s and computers is called Cucusoft. This software, like many others that are similar, is free and quite easy to use. You shouldn’t need more than a couple of minutes from the point where you install it to the point where you’re copying the files from your iPod to your computer.


If you’re looking for an iPod to PC program which allows you to backup the files you have stored on your media player and use them on any computer, all you have to do is search online for alternatives to iTunes, and they will not be as limited as the software that Apple provides.


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